European Research and Training Network

Multi-wavelength Analysis of Galaxy Populations




MAGPOP Summer School - Budapest, Hungary, 2006. August 23-25

The goal of this Scool is to give a deep insight for students on the current state of art of observation and modelling of galaxies.

Lectures and other resources are available here.


Workshop site


Collegium Budapest Institute for Advanced Studies
Szentháromság u. 2
H-1014 Budapest
Tel: +36 1 224 8300
Fax: +36 1 224 8310



Raoul Wallenberg Guesthouse of Collegium Budapest
Toldy Ferenc utca. 8-10 &
Szabó Ilonka u. 7
H-1015 Budapest



Cedric Lacey (cedric.lacey at durham.ac.uk, invited teacher)

Sandro Bressan (bressan at pd.astro.it, teacher)
Michael Cook (cook at sissa.it student, student)
Andrew Schurer (schurer at sissa.it, student)

Gabriella De Lucia (gdelucia at mpa-garching.mpg.de, teacher)
Jérémy Blaizot (blaizot at mpa-garching.mpg.de, teacher)

Mr Anthony Baillard (baillard at iap.fr, student)
Mr Gwenael Boue (boue at iap.fr, student)
Miss Elisabete da Cunha (dacunha at iap.fr, student)
Mr Francois Ricquebourg (ricquebo at iap.fr, student)


Istvan Csabai (csabai at complex.elte.hu, organizer)
Zsolt Frei (frei at alcyone.elte.hu, organizer)
Oliver Vince (vince at complex.elte.hu, student)
Laszlo Dobos (dobos at complex.elte.hu, student)
Norbert Purger (npurger at complex.elte.hu, student)
David Koronczay (koronczay at complex.elte.hu, student)

Armando Gil de Paz (agpaz at astrax.fis.ucm.es, teacher)
Elisa Toloba (etj at astrax.fis.ucm.es, student)
Guillermo Barro (gbc at astrax.fis.ucm.es, student)
Juan Carlos Muñoz (jcm at astrax.fis.ucm.es, student)

Alfonso Aragon-Salamanca (Alfonso.Aragon at nottingham.ac.uk, teacher )
Ian Whiley (ppximw at nottingham.ac.uk, student)
Kyle Lane (ppxkl at nottingham.ac.uk, student)
Magda Pietka (ppxmp2 at nottingham.ac.uk, student)
Michelle Lanyon (ppxmml at nottingham.ac.uk, student)

Tamas Budavari (budavari at pha.jhu.edu, teacher)
Alex Szalay (szalay at pha.jhu.edu, teacher)

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